Aromasound BalancingCreated by Craig and Linda Evans
BAST Sound Therapy(British Academy of Sound Therapy) Created by Lyz Cooper
Biowaves Sound TherapyCreated by Daniel Kunkel
Dolphin Sound TelempathyCreated by the Dolphins with Joan Ocean
Harmonic IntegrationCreated by MichÍle Averard and Nestor Kornblum
Harmonic RepatterningCreated by Anne Christine Tooley
Harmonic Resonance HealingCreated by Maryanne Savino
Healing VibrationsCreated by James D'ngelo
INNER SOUNDCreated by Arden and Jack Wilken
Jonathan Goldman's Healing SoundsCreated by J Goldman
Kung Fu Chio- Masage with Chinese SpheresCreated by Prof. Monica Simone
Lambdona Harmonic KeyboardCreated by Barbara Hero
Power LanguageCreated by Virginia Dowling
Primordial Sound VibrationsCreated by Cheryl Birada
Sacred Sonic ToolsCreated by Iasos
Sacred Sound TherapyCreated by Rachael Kelly
Sacred VoiceCreated by Shira Stone
Sonology, Touch Through SoundCreated by Emmanuel Comte
Sound Healing CirclesCreated by Iris Pattyn
Spiritual Sound HealingCreated by Frank Perry
The Ad- Devas Inspired SystemCreated by Josiane Burrick
Theratone Bio-Frequency Balancing SystemCreated by Rocky Hall
Tibetan Shamanic Music TherapyCreated by Jose Joacir Dos Santos
Tuning Fork TherapyCreated by Francine Milford