Sonology, Touch by sounds

Created by Emmanuel Comte 
Also based on the work of:
Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Tesla, Lakhovsky, Rife, Prioré, Tomatis, Hamer, Benveniste, Emoto, Nelson...

Category (s)
Music therapy
Sound as a complement to other therapies
Sound in conjunction with other elements
Ancestral/Ethnic practices or techniques
Original system

Sound sources used (General category)
Voice (Chant, Overtoning, Toning, etc...)
Live acoustic instruments
Sampled acoustic instruments
Tuning Forks
Bowls (Tibetan, Crystal, etc...)
Recordings of the above

Specific Soundsource (s)
Flutes, zither, harmonic harp and other sounds as overtones, tibetan bowls, gongs, didjeridu, etc. (Therapeutic music records)
(Flutes are recorder and electronic flute - Midi instrument)

History of System
After the understanding how sound and music are therapeutic, we teach now
basic technic of sound healing and use of therapeutic vibrations and frequencies.
It is Sonology.

Description of System:

How are the sounds used/applied?
Sonology is a complementary health technic.
Sounds, frequencies and vibrations may be used directly on patient
or energetically.
We use also scientific prayer, hypnosis, visualization, water and energetic remedies, radionics and therapeutic devices...

Other Elements
(Flower essences, colour therapy, etc...)
Frequencies and all form of enrergetic vibrations (homeopathy, flower essence, essential oils, light...)

Sensitive method that we teach. Energetic feeling.

Scientific Studies 
The influence of Music on Coronary Heart Diseases (CHC) Patients waiting for cardiac catherization
Montreal Heart Institute, Montreal, QC, Canada, 1998.

Main Researcher: Sylvie Robichaud-Ekstrand RN., Ph.D. Montreal Heart Institute and Montreal University, Canada.
Co-researchers: Emmanuel Comte et al 
This study was presented in the 72nd Scientific Session of American Heart Association, Georgia World Congress, Atlanta, November 7-10, 1999.

Interest of Anti-Suffering Music in vascular surgery clinic. Clinique Jeanne d'Arc, Vichy, France, 1996. Yves Heynen MD. et al. 
Emmanuel Comte’s music and the treatment burned victims. CHU. Zodba Quitman Fort-de France, Martinique, 1996. Didier Chatot-Henri MD. 1996.
Music and palliative care. CHUS Sherbrooke (Qc), Hôtel Dieu St Hyacinthe (Qc), 1995-1996.

Contact info for this system:
Name:  Emmanuel COMTE
Organization:  MedSon Research Center
Street Address: C.P. 281
City:  Valcourt
State/Province:  QC
Zip/Postal Code:  J0E 2L0
Country:  Canada
Work Phone:  (450) 53-4831
E-mail: evehm@medson.net

Registered Practitioners (0)
Name: Emmanuel COMTE
Organization: MedSon Research Center
Street Address: C.P. 281
City: Valcourt
State/Province: QC
Zip/Postal Code: J0E 2L0
Country: Canada
Work Phone: (450) 53-4831
E-mail: evehm@medson.net

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