Created by Iris Pattyn

Category (s)
Sound in conjunction with other elements
Ancestral/Ethnic practices or techniques
Original system

Sound sources used (General category)
Voice (Chant, Overtoning, Toning, etc...)
Live acoustic instruments

Specific Soundsource (s)
nyckelharpa (ancient violin), drums, flutes

History of System
I have been a sound-engeneer on filmsets for years. My ear is highly developped to hear whatever is in the human voice and body. Not only our voice can sound but also our body and the spirits around our body.  Then I've been studying native cultures and several healing dance forms. So i combined all my passions together. 

Description of System:

 The voice sounds are used on the individual bodies as well on the 'one body' of the circle if I work with more than one individual. I have experienced that working in circles goes much deeper. We are one in a circle and we work on the whole web of spirits and people. We work with the powers of the earth .

Other Elements
I work with the medicine wheel .

In individual therapy: I first scan the voice and body with my ear when client speaks .Then I scan their bodies with my hands and look in their spirit body. When i see an imbalance, I balance with my voice until the colors of the bodies are brighter. Sometimes i use drums first to lower their brain activities. It is easier to work on clients when they are in Alfa or even Theta (then their spirit body is larger).  I work also with my voice on their past and future! In group-therapy : I work in ceremonial circles and include voice (toning, overtones, chanting... ) and dance (to open up their bodies). 
I work in circles together with people and spirits. Many people have some sort of memory of past lives when they do circles with me or they say it worked transformative. 
Their heart-energies are stimulated

Scientific Studies 
None Submitted

Contact info for this system:
Iris Pattyn
Organization: Butterflycircles
Street Address:  Geertskouter 18 
City:  Asse (Brussels)
State/Province:  Brabant
Zip/Postal Code:  1730
Country:  Belgium
Work Phone:  0032/2/452 35 79
FAX:  0032/2/452 35 79
E-mail: iris@butterflycircles.com
URL: www.butterflycircles.com

Registered Practitioners (1)
Name: Iris Pattyn
Organization: Butterflycircles
Street Address: Geertskouter 18 
City: Asse (Brussels)
State/Province: Brabant
Zip/Postal Code: 1730
Country: Belgium
Work Phone: 0032/2/452 35 79
FAX: 0032/2/452 35 79
E-mail: iris@butterflycircles.com
URL: www.butterflycircles.com

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