Primordial Sound Vibration  

Created by Cheryl Birada

Category (s)
Sound as a complement to other therapies
Sound in conjunction with other elements
Ancestral/Ethnic practices or techniques
Original system

Sound sources used (General category)
Voice (Chant, Overtoning, Toning, etc...)
Live acoustic instruments
Bowls (Tibetan, Crystal, etc...)

Specific Soundsource (s)
didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, rattles, drum, gongs

Description of System:
I am a psychiatric nurse who now focuses on sound healing. I do individual, couple and group sessions. I play the various instruments over and around the body to assist the client in achieving a deep sense of relaxation and peace. Each session is individualized. I am also trained in Cranio Sacral therapy with the Upledger Institute. I either use my Cranio Sacral training to do an assessment or I have a discussion of my clients’ present situation. I begin each session with tingsha bells, Tibetan bowls, or gongs. I use rattles to clear the stagnant energy around the body if there is any, and then I tend to move on to playing the didgeridoo. I play two different didgeridoos depending on the situation or the needs of my client. 

I can hear and feel how the drone and harmonic overtones of the didgeridoo change when played over different areas of the body. From experience I know that the resonance frequency changes when there is an energy cyst or an imbalance somewhere in the physical body. There are a number of distinct Physical changes that can occur when working on a client: the energy and air that returns to me through the didgeridoo can be thick or bubble like, the sound frequency changes, and the quality and quantity of my saliva can change. These are all signs of energy cysts or pockets that are out of balance and releasing. When an individual releases, I often feel physically hot and the air that returns through my didgeridoo becomes less dense. My client most often confirms the changes I observe when discussing their experience later

Scientific Studies
I am currently using my system combined with Acupuncture. I work with a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Together we identify the meridian blocks and I use various instruments and vibrations over the needles to assist in the correct movement of energy.

Contact info for this system
Name: Cheryl Birada
Organization: Primordial Sound Vibration
Email: cbirarda@hotmail.com

Registered Practitioners (1)
Name: Cheryl Birada
Organization: Primordial Sound Vibration
Email: cbirarda@hotmail.com

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