Theratone Bio-frequency Balancing System

Created by Rocky Hall

Category (s)
Original system
Sound as a complement to other therapies
Sound in conjunction with other elements

Sound sources used (General category)
Tuning Forks
Specifically Generated Sounds
(Acoustic instruments are used in special circumstances)

Specific Soundsource (s)
Primary: Toning chakra notes, vocalizing vowel and consonant sounds, tuning forks, synthesizers, pink, white, and brown noises. 
Secondary: Drums, percussion instruments, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, and bells, digital effects.

Description of System:
The system works by combining external auditory stimulation with holding techniques and deep contact vibrations. The external audio is two-fold. First there are a series of synthesizer generated tones used to both create binaural beats and to resonate the ckakras. The binaural beats progressively slow and the frequency and sequence of the chakra-specific tones changes. Eventually noise is added to this mix, usually with modulations in the stereo field as well as in volume. Eventually, the binaural beats speed up or taper off depending on the desired effect and synthetic sounds cease. 

During the various aspects of the external audio sequences, a series of physical holds and point stimulations are used to aid in the release of physical and energetic armoring. By the time the client reaches a theta state, the practitioner switches to direct contact with the chakras and bony landmarks within a chakras plane via tuning forks. The appropriate forks for each area are struck and allowed to resonate within the chakras energy field as well as resonating through the body by using the bones a reverberating plates. The local physical work for each chakra and area is done in sequence with the external audio program as it in turn addresses each chakra. The specific sequence of tones and programs is determined by evaluating the clients stated wants and needs.

The system specifically avoids diagnosis and instead looks at the body as a finely tuned instrument. The whole instrument must be tuned with itself or the specific combinations of energy required for any given task will be dissonant and difficult. Therefore, the system aims to address general concerns such as proper sleep, stress reduction and relaxation to alleviate a variety of sub-ailments and conditions and promote general good health and wellness.

Other Elements
The client is occasionaly prescribed listening homework to facilitate and maintain the balancing process. Listening homework may include binaural beat sequences, use of Tibetan bowls, specifically engineered audio relating to the deficiencies as perceived by the client or attending group drumming sessions imbued with healing intent.

In extreme cases of physical and energetic armoring, no physical contacts are held and light may be used in syncopation with and as an aid to the binaural beats.

Scientific Studies
None currently published

History of System:

The Theratone system was developed out of a 20 year fascination with the power of music. Eventually this fascination led to several years of research into sound as a device to trigger altered states. Based on both scientific findings and historical references to sound and its role in shamanic journeying and religious ceremonies. Eventually a dual modality started to become present with one aspect concerning rhythms and their relationship to mental states and the other relating to specific tones, modulations, and frequency cut off ranges that relate to each chakra / energy center.

The techniques in the system were developed from the sonic concepts emerging from within me combining with the influence of my education in bodywork, Polarity Therapy and Reiki as well as a deep understanding of what can best be termed as "magical psychology". At this point, Theratone is no longer the bastard child of these influences but acts independently as a stand alone modality.

Contact info for this system
Name: Rocky Hall, CMT, Reiki practitioner, RTP
Organization: Theratone
Address: 1278 Jackson Street, #2
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Zip Code: 94109
Country: USA
Email: theratone@comcast.net

Registered Practitioners (1)
Name: Rocky Hall, CMT, Reiki practitioner, RTP
Address: 1278 Jackson Street, #2
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Zip Code: 94109
Country: USA
Email: theratone@comcast.net

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