The Voice Within: 
Remembering Self Through Sound

Created by Nanvy Helms
Also based on the work of:
Jenny, Bentov, Tomatis, Keyes, Gaynor, Hunt

Category (s)
Music therapy
Sound as a complement to other therapies
Sound in conjunction with other elements

Sound sources used (General category)
Voice (Chant, Overtoning, Toning, etc...)
Live acoustic instruments
Sampled acoustic instruments
Tuning Forks
Natural Sounds
Bowls (Tibetan, Crystal, etc...)
Recordings of the above

Specific Soundsource (s)
The client's voice, text, piano, tuning forks, crystal bowls, recorded relaxation music

History of System / Description of System
In the early 1990ís, having completed many years as music/theatre performer and teacher, and sensing her private clients and students needed to explore sound in a holistic setting she was drawn to study subtle energies and the emerging field of energy medicine. She completed studies to become a Natural Health Consultant in Naturotherapy, Registered Nutritional consulting Practitioner and Naturopath. She completed two levels of CranioSacral Therapy at NHC and CranioSacral Therapy I and II through the Upledger Institute. She completed Sound Therapy certificates with Peter Goldman of White Lodge, England. 

These studies led to the development of a natural process combining voice work and sound therapy, helping those wishing to rediscover themselves through sound. She is currently engaged in combining forces with Creative Arts Therapies at the University to form a Holistic Voice Centre, and is completing a book about this mind-body-spirit method of Sound Therapy. 

The method is applied using various combinations of breath, toning, singing, text, piano, bowls, tuning forks, recordings and essential oils. The decision about which sounds to use and when to use them depends on the needs and readiness of the client and the intuition and perception of the therapist. The goal is achieving balance, rediscovery and a sense of well-being.

Flower essences are memories. Depending on the client's needs, the Bach Flower Essences can be used as well to assist journeys in remembering self through sound.

Scientific Studies 
Case Studies:
1. A young actor, Joseph, who studied with me over a 3-year period was awarded several graduate school scholarships. His letter reflects his feelings about our work together. "Nancy Helms has not only taught me a great deal theoretically, when dealing with the voice but also spiritually...As a performer and human being I've made tremendous discoveries within myself, opening vocal chambers, overcoming anxieties and fears. I had not truly felt the connection, or recognized the full resonance and power of my voice and body, prior to Nancy's influence...I was also able to fully acknowledge and become acquainted with my personal restraints, in turn guiding me towards personal achievements and ongoing positive learning. Her dedication towards well being physically and mentally, is immensely important so as not to force or suppress any inner blockages that may hinder one's voice. Her approach is organic, yet rooted in a wealth of knowledge and love, aiming to better one's personal and professional growth." 

2. Jocelyn, a young woman who had been trained in Acting and Dance and was told she was not a singer came to work with me. Her letter states, "Inside me was a trapped voice waiting to be released. Thus began my journey with Nancy Helms. With her help I was able to identify that wall I had constructed in front of me regarding my voice. My voice was unconnected and distant from my body and my being. It was trapped in a quiet protective place...Nancy encouraged me in a safe non-threatening environment to unleash the fear of sounding bad, unleash my insecurities and to actually hear my voice, MY voice for the first time in my life. When connected to my breath and my emotions I radiated full, round, beautiful sounds. I knew I had connected with something deep and amazing because it released so many trapped feelings I had bottled up within my voice; feelings I had never shared, things that hurt me but I had never done anything about, things my body and my voice wanted to express but never had the courage or know how to do."

3. Josh stated, "Nancy gave me the tools to break down the barriers I had created and that were inhibiting me from fully using my voice to its full potential...She taught me how to trust my voice and to use every part of my body to produce beautiful vocal sounds. The work we have done together has helped me to understand my voice in a way I never knew was possible...She truly believes in the power of the voice to help heal the body and the mind."

Contact info for this system:
Name:  Nancy Helms
Organization:  Concordia University
Street Address  7141 Sherbrooke Street West
Address (cont.)  TJ 102, Loyola Campus
City  Montreal
State/Province  Quebec
Zip/Postal Code  H4B 1R6
Country  Canada
Work Phone  514-483-5309
FAX  514-484-8768
E-mail nanhelm@hotmail.com

Registered Practitioners (0)
Name: Nancy Helms
Organization: Concordia University
Street Address 7141 Sherbrooke Street West
Address (cont.) TJ 102, Loyola Campus
City Montreal
State/Province Quebec
Zip/Postal Code H4B 1R6
Country Canada
Work Phone 514-483-5309
FAX  514-484-8768
E-mail nanhelm@hotmail.com

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