Relaxation Through Sound  


Category (s)
Music therapy
Ancestral/Ethnic practices or techniques

Sound sources used (General category)
Voice (Chant, Overtoning, Toning, etc...)
Live acoustic instruments
Bowls (Tibetan, Crystal, etc...)
Recordings of any of the above

Specific Soundsource (s)
Drums, Flutes, didgeridoo, Others

Description of System:
I begin with relaxation followed by emotional kinesiology, states of regressive hypnosis, visualizations of different stories, ancestral voice sounds.  From there I begin with different types of instruments in a state of deep relaxation.  The technique lasts between one and two hours.

Scientific Studies
None Published

Contact info for this system:
Jose Manuel Tizon Gonzalez
Organization: numiah
Country: Spain
Phone: 626355317
Email: yoseba59@hotmail.com