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Discussion Lists

Just Intonation Network 1/1
The 1/1 Journal contains articles about many aspects of just intonation.

Harp Therapy Journal
Journal for Harp Therapy

Open Ear Journal
The OPEN EAR JOURNAL is an annual publication dedicated to sound and music in health and education. 

Music Therapy Journals

AMI Journal (USA) 
Annual journal published by Association for Music and Imagery (Bonny Method) 
British Journal of Music Therapy (UK) 
Published jointly by the British Society for Music Therapy (BSMT) and the Association of Professional Music Therapists (APMT). 
Col Legno (DK) 
Musikalske studier fra Institut for Musik og Musikterapi, Aalborg Universitet og Nordjysk Musikkonservatorium. 
Einblicke (GER)
The journal of Professional Association of Music Therapists in Germany (BVM)
A web-based publication of the International Foundation for Music Research
Infomt, Revista de Musicoterapi (Brazil)
Published with 1 isssue a semester by Universidade de Ribeirão Preto
International Latin-American Journal of Music Therapy  
Published by Ambito de Docencia e Investigaciķn en Musicoterapia (ADIMU) (Center for Training and Research in Music Therapy) 
Journal of Music Therapy (USA) 
Published by American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), serves as a repository for the original ideas, discoveries, clinical documentation, and ongoing research in the field of music therapy.
Musicae Scientae
Tthe Journal of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM) publishes empirical, theoretical and critical articles directed at increasing understanding of how music is perceived, represented and generated.
MusicTherapyENews (USA) 
To subscribe: send an email with the text: 
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Music Therapy Perspectives (USA)
Published by American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), designed to appeal to a wide readership, both inside and outside the  profession of music therapy. 
Musikkterapi (NO) 
Published by the Norwegian Association of Music Therapy
Musik og Terapi(DK) 
Utgitt av Dansk Forbund for Musikkterapi
Musik-,Tanz- und Kunsttherapie (GER)
Journal for Art Therapies in Education, Welfare and Healt Care.
 Musiktherapeutische Umschau (GER) 
Published by German Association for Music Therapy (DGMT). 
Psychology of Music (UK)
Psychology of Music (ISSN 0305-7356) is the journal of the SRPMME . The aim of the society is to provide an international forum for researchers working in the fields of psychology of music and music education, to encourage the exchange of ideas and to disseminate research findings. 
Revista Espaņola de Musicoterapia (Spain) 
Published by The Associaciķ Catalana de Musicoterāpia 
therapie kreativ (GER)
Journal for creative social- and psychotherapy (former Sozialtherapie). Published by Zukunftswerstatt Tanz, Musik, Gestaltung gemeinnützige GmbH, Udo Baer.
Tijdschrift voor Creatieve Therapie (NL)
Dutch journal for creative therapy including music therapy. Published by Nederlands Vereniging voor Creative Therapie (Dutch Association for Creative Therapy)
Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy 
is a free online web-journal created to support the discursive practices of music therapists around the world.
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