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THE GONG  The existence of the Gong dates back to the Bronze Age, around 3500 BC. Evidence suggests that the Gongs existed at this time in Mesopotamia. Myth has it that sacred gongs included pieces of meteorites that fell from the heavens.

Since the time of Buddha in 600BC, all sacred Chinese gongs have been inscribed with the two Mandarin Chinese characters "Tai Loi", which means "Happiness has Arrived", sweeping the darkness by bringing in the Light. The gong ancient use was as an initiation tool for enlightenment, etheric projection and exorcism of negative spirits. It has also been used by Tibetan monks, and the Chinese, for centuries as an aid to meditation.

There are instruments and there are instruments. Among the latter is the gong, that instrument which can produce all the sounds within our hearing range. The oldest known gongs are over 5,000 years old and come from Asia Minor. In the East, this instrument has been used in many different religious contexts, for example, in yoga meditation. The West however, is only acquainted with it through its thunderous, yet seldom heard sounds in symphony orchestras.

Paiste has taken traditional gong designs of the East and made a number of important changes with regard to design, construction and tuning. These gongs have been developed over the last 35 years in Europe by the Paiste company in consultation with scientists, musicians and therapeutic practitioners. The Gongs are made of a bronze. nickel and silver alloy which has been highly condensed through a process of heating and rolling under pressure. This process brings the metal to a consistency which carries minimal internal resistance and eliminates any possibility of cracks or fissures when used correctly. Gongs are tuned to create a harmonious blend of sustained resonance.

The Gong is like a stargate from which brings in a vortex of energy which facilitates our connection with the infinite higher self. Creating a synergy effect bringing the listener to know the oneness of all effortlessly, while recharging the body and strengthening the nervous system all at once.


Three Levels for the 1.11 Gong & Self Mastery Training

Level One: Sound Player

Level Two: Sound Bender

Level Three: Sound Avatar

After the three levels the Master Teacher Course:

Gong Master Teacher


Level One of Three – 12 Month Course

12 Meetings including 40hrs Lectures and 108 Personal Practice Course In Orange County, California, United States

Level Two of Three (same length)

Level Three of Three (same length)


* Gong & Self Mastery

* Awaken the Body & Soul…

* Embracing Path & Destiny…

Join Sotantar Suraj for a 12 month Gong & Self Mastery Training Course. Level One of Three, learning "The Way of the Sacred Sound. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Sacred Sound of the Gong & the Sacred Sound of The Self. As we see their transformational effects on the Body, Mind, Spirit & Awareness, and will be able to applied as a therapy to facilitate relaxation, balance, harmony and healing.

Each of the Three Levels combine elements of Kundalini Yoga, Gong Sessions, Suniai Deep Listening, The Kybalion, Brain Frequencies, Biofeedback, Color Therapy and Frequencies, Tarot Numerology, Kundalini Numerology, Hypnosis, Healing Techniques, Reiki, Tantra, Martial Arts, Pressure Points, Anatomy, Oracles, Toning, Lucid Dreaming, Planet Frequencies and Properties, Stones, Crystals, Runes, Sacred Geometry, Vedic & Western Astrology, Meditation…


•Introduction to Self Mastery Through the Sacred Gong

•The Ancient Gong & its Significant in This Age

•Type of Gongs & How to Choose Your Gong

•Approaching & Playing the Gong

•Kundalini Yoga & Gong Immersion Therapy

•Suniai Deep Listening


The Gong Meditation practice will immerse you in sound as you go into a deeper level within. The Gong sounds & vibrations stimulate a meditative & contemplative state in which we have the opportunity to see & surrender the control of the mind


•Promotes internal calm, peace & well being

•Strengthens the nervous & immune systems

•Has been known to help eliminate diseased cells

•Balances the chakras, Increases radiance, energy & vitality

•Enhances awareness & intuition

•Rejuvenating mentally & physically


Playing the Planet and other types of Gongs around and above the person receiving the immersion session

Placing Tibetan and crystal bowls on chakra system and around the body

Using planetary tuning forks on the body chakra system and acupressure points

Using color lights as a light therapy on the body and chakra system

Other elements: Flower essences, Color Therapy, Hypnosis and suggestion techniques, Subliminal CD’s, Kundalini Yoga Meditation and Kriyas



After a personal consultation, Including Kundalini / Tarot Numerologies and Gong Astrology. You will receive a customized Gong Session, in which the Gongs will tune in to your personal vibration and will immerse you in live sounds as you are guided into a deeper level within.

The Gong sounds and vibrations stimulate a meditation and contemplation state in which we have the opportunity to see and surrender the control of the mind to the cosmic vibrations of creation.

" Promotes internal calm, peace and well being " Strengthens the nervous and immune systems " Has been known to help eliminate diseased cells in the body " Balances the chakras " Increases radiance, energy and vitality " Enhances awareness and intuition " Rejuvenating both mentally and physically

THE 1.11 GONG MASTER PRACTITIONER AS TAUGHT BY SOTANTAR SURAJ Will immerse you in the sacred sounds of the Planet Gongs for an experience that is like a very deep and lasting massage, allowing you to totally let go, tuning the physical body and soul to the greatest possible resonance.

Usually laying down on your back in savasana posture, you will receive the live sound energy of the Gong as it is being played, moving through the nervous system, opening, clearing and recharging the whole mind, body and spirit. Facilitating the fulfillment of your intentions and desires, merging to ebb and flow of the Universe.


World renowned Gong Master and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Has practiced Yoga, Meditation and Healing for over 30 years. He has had the privilege to learn from The Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, Gong Master Don Conreaux & Tantra Teacher Sarita. www.gongmaster.org

Through Tantric and Tarot numerology, Muscle testing, Pendulum, Intuition, Person Goals and Desires

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Name: Sortantar Suraj
Organization: Gongmaster
Phone: (714) 418 3000
Address: 3419 Via Lido #304
State: CA
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URL: www.gongmaster.org


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